WiMAX  Technology

2 days

Introduction to WiMAX
Broadband wireless access, the WiMAX Forum, IEEE 802 work on WiMAX, WiMAX standards, WiMAX suppliers, WiMAX Spectrum Owners Alliance.

WiMAX Applications
Broadband Fixed Wireless Access (BFWA), Wireless Backhaul and Access Network Applications, Mobile access to BFWA.

Principles and Elements of WiMAX Systems
Licensed and Unlicensed Spectrum, TDD and FDD modes, Interference issues, WiMAX network configurations, Antennae principles and usage.

WiMAX Coverage and Capacity
Radio Propagation principles, WiMAX radio coverage, Base station siting, Frequency planning, Power budgets, deployment for differing service applications, Quality of Service issues, Capacity planning.

IEEE 802.16
WiMAX Protocol Stack, Physical layer, MAC Layer, MAC Convergence Layer, Adaptive Modulation, Compression techniques, Bandwidth management, support of IP, ATM and MPLS, Comparison with WiFi.

Security Issues
Security Architecture, Cryptograph Methods, Data Encryption, Privacy Key protocol.

Future Developments
Comparison of Wireless data standards, Data rates, WiMAX Release 2.