WiFi & Wireless Networking

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Introduction to Wireless LANs
This section outlines the concept and applications of wireless LANs, introduces wireless terminology and principles of operation.

RF Fundamentals
This section provides an overview of RF behaviour and power output regulations. Basic RF link budget calculations and modulation techniques used within wireless LANs are also examined.

Spread Spectrum and Multiple Access Techniques
This section describes the uses of spread spectrum techniques. Direct Sequence and Frequency Hopping technologies are examined. OFDM coding and multiple access schemes are considered.

Wireless Network Architectures
This section looks at the architecture of Wireless LANs and examines the provision of hot spots and mesh networking. The process of joining a wireless LAN, authentication and association, and roaming in a wireless network is also examined.

Wireless Standards
This section identifies the various wireless standards organisations, examines ETSI rules, identifies the licensed and unlicensed frequency ranges and channels, and provides an overview of the various 802.11 and 802.16 standards. Wi-Fi and WiMAX Certification is discussed and the role of the Wi-Fi Forum and WiMAX Forum is examined.

802.11 Infrastructure Devices
This section introduces and examines the functionality of the devices that may be provided in wireless LAN implementations. Implementation of these devices within a wireless network are examined.

This section identifies the different types of antenna that may be used and examines the characteristics of each. Issues regarding the positioning and mounting of indoor and outdoor antennas and their coverage areas are discussed.

Wireless LAN Security
This section provides an analysis of 802.11 security issues and examines available security solutions. Security best-practice and recommendations are discussed

WiMAX (802.16)
This section introduces the possible role of WiMAX within wireless networks and discusses the functionality of 802.16. Implementation scenarios are introduced and discussed.