VSAT Technology

2 days

Introduction to Satellite Systems
An introduction to satellite systems with topics addressing satellite control, types of antennae used, and transmit and receive techniques.

Radio Propagation
Discusses the principles of radio propagation, spectrum usage, RF budgets, and satellite frequency bands.

System Fundamentals
Examines the fundamental components and addresses data transmission techniques, protocols used and link budgets.

Multiple Access Systems
Examines and describes the multiple access systems utilised in satellite systems:  TDMA, DAMA, Aloha.

Satellite Services
Examines services associated with both fixed and mobile networks.

VSAT System Fundamentals
This module describes system architecture and the functionality of the component parts.

VSAT Applications
Discusses VSAT applications, regulatory and commercial issues associated with service provision.

Modulation Techniques
The various modulation techniques utilised in VSAT systems are described: FSK, PSK, QPSK, QAM.

Coding Techniques
This module examines the different coding techniques that are implemented within VSAT systems.

Error Detection and Correction
Various error detection and correction schemes are examined and described including hamming code, cyclic redundancy check, convolutional codes, Reed-Solomon, Golay, BCH.

VSAT Usage in Mobile Communications
This module discusses and describes the use of VSAT in mobile networks.

Internet Access via Satellite
Access to Internet via satellite is discussed. Topics include VoIP, IMS and TCP/IP.

Mobile Phone Satellite Systems
This module examines the requirements of such systems and looks specifically at the Thuraya phone and IRIDIUM.

Future VSAT System Services
Discusses the services of the future.