SS7        Technology

2 days

Common Channel Signalling
This first section outlines the basic signalling functions found in telecoms. In particular it looks at signalling functions, in band and out band signalling, and Common Channel Signalling (CCS).

SS7 Introduction
Outlining the principles of Call routing, Numbering schemes, SS7 architecture and network topology and OSI equivalence. Also introduces Service Switching Point (SSP), Signal Transfer Point (STP), Service Control Point (SCP) and Intelligent Peripherals (IP). Outlines the Signalling links involved with SS7 from Link A to Link F.

Message Transfer Part
Introduces the elements of the SS7 Protocol Stack, focusing on the Message Transfer Part (MTP1, MTP2 and MTP3). Topics covered are HDLC/MTP2 comparison, Error rate Detection/Monitoring and Retransmission, Signalling Network Functions, Signalling Message Handling and Routing Labels.

Higher Layers
The section outlines the higher levels within SS7, including the ISDN User Part (ISUP), Signalling Connection Control Part (SCCP) and the Transaction Capabilities Application Part (TCAP).

Intelligent Networking (IN)
Outline of the IN concept and standards. Number translation examples, Services and Features of IN, definition of SIBs, FEs and ASEs. Relationship between INAP and CAMEL.