OSPF Technology

2 days

A description of what OSPF is intended to do in terms of being a Link State Routing protocol and positioning of OSPF in the TCP/IP hierarchical structure.

Topological Database
Explanation of an Autonomous System map, Link State components, Directed Graph, Routing Tables, An SPF Tree and Metrics.

The purpose of splitting the network into areas and how these areas are designated. Also covered is the advertising of routing information in and out of the areas, area graphs and area identification.

OSPF Functionality
How OSPF is started up. Definitions of routing protocol packets, packet types, link state adverts and all associated data structures.

OSPF Operation
Explanation of Hello packets, Designated router selection, adjacencies, flooding procedures and virtual links.

Routing Tables
Calculations involving the routing table, the area SPF tree, next hop, inter-area routes and AS external routes.

Packet Formats
defining the IP encapsulation of OSPF, the OSPF packet header, the Database Description packet, Link State packets and Advertisement formats.

Specifies the constants and parameters that can be defined, the obtainable statistics, logging messages and authentication capability.