Next Generation Networks

3 days

Last Mile Options
Discusses the various technologies for providing connectivity in the last mile of the access network. Issues covered include DSL technologies, local loop unbundling, fibre in the loop and wireless access.

DSL Architecture
This module examines CPE, street furniture, DSLAMs, the core network, line coding, multiple channels modulation techniques and framing. An overview of ATM is included together with coverage of the OSI reference model and how DSL “fits” the model. IP-based DSL and MSANs (Multi-Service Access Nodes) are also discussed.

Reasons for NGNs
Identifies and discusses the drivers for changing from traditional networks to next generation IP-based network architecture. The next generation business model is also examined for fixed and mobile domains.

Migration toward NGN
Discusses the evolution from existing technologies toward IP-based networks and softswitching within the fixed and mobile domains.

NGN Technologies and Architecture
This module identifies and examines the purpose and function of NGN component parts and technologies, why the component parts are needed and addresses architecture issues of IP-based networks for the fixed and mobile domains.

Signalling within NGNs
Identifies and examines the signalling requirements and technologies for IP-based networks. H.323-based signalling protocols and SIP protocols are discussed with illustrations of call flow sequences. Signalling interworking with legacy components is also examined.

NGN Operational Issues
This module addresses implementation issues, interconnection, and aspects of security and quality. Commercial and regulatory issues are discussed.

NGN Service Platform & IMS
Introduces the concept of service platform separation from the switching platform and examines the impact of change to service creation, the provision of common capability service modules and examines the concept, functionality and architecture of IMS. Service convergence between fixed and mobile domains is also discussed.

New Services
Explores the range and scope of services that NGN can facilitate. Highlights the opportunities available to service providers who embrace NGN fully.