MPLS        Technology

2 days

      Refresher on Routing and Switching
      Concepts of Real-time and Non Real-time transmission
      Connection-orientated and connectionless networks
      Basics of Ethernet and PPP
      Basics of Frame Relay and ATM
      Hierarchical addressing limitations

MPLS Introduction
      What MPLS achieves
      Where it fits (OSI model)
      Use with CoS and QoS
      Use with VoIP
      Use in VPNs

MPLS Network
      Concept of Label Switched Routers
      Principle of the Forwarding Equivalence Class (FEC)
      Label format and Label bindings
      Label assignment
      FEC to NHLFE Mapping and Tables
      Incoming Label Maps
      Label handling

Label Distribution
      Label Distribution Protocol (LDP)
      Message structure
      Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP)
      Message structure
      Distribution using Routing Protocols

      Encapsulation in Ethernet
      Encapsulation in PPP
      Interworking with Frame Relay
      Interworking with ATM

CoS and QoS
      CoS/QoS Parameters
      Priority Queueing methods
      IP Precedence
      Differentiated Services (DiffServ)
      Integrated Services (IntServ)

Traffic Engineering
      MPLS-TE Traffic Trunks
      Priority and Pre-emption
      Constraint-based Routing (CR-LDP)
      RSVP-TE LSP Tunnels
      Fast Re-route

      Time and Wave Division Multiplexng
      Dynamic provisioning
      Signalling Models
      TDM Label Switching
      WDM Label Switching
      GMPLS Architecture