IP VPN Technology

2 days

Introduction To VPNs
Introduces the subject of IP-VPNs and outlines some of the foundations of IP and networking operation. Reviews the subject of tunnelling and looks at some of the protocols used for tunnelling.

IP VPN Tunnelling Protocols
Outlines in more detail the key protocols used for tunnelling including L2F, L2TP, GRE, PPTP and IPSec (IP VPN Security). Reviews the need for security in public networks and outlines means and methods of encrypting data. Reviews Private and Public Key systems - specifically DES and RSA algorithms.

Digital Signatures and Digital Certificates
Outlines the concept of Digital Signatures and their use and Digital Certificates and their structure.

Integrating IPSec into a VPN Infrastructure
Focuses on the IPSec protocol and the use of Internet Key Exchanges, reviewing the Diffie Helmen process.

Public Key Infrastructures for Private Data Exchange
Reviews the components of a Public Key Infrastructure and the role of Certification Authorities.

IP VPN Architectures
Introduces the key components of a VPN including the hardware used, such as Firewalls and Routers.

Quality of Service in VPN Networks
Outlines the concepts of Quality of Service and its relevance to IP-VPNs. Reviews two main QoS mechanisms - DiffServ and MPLS.

Implementing a VPN
Reviews the stages of implementation of a VPN and how components can be purchased and commissioned.

Service Level Agreements
Introduces the concept of Service Level agreements and how they are applied to IP-VPNs. Also covers how performance is measured.